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At Make For Business we seek to provide you with all the information that you require to start and run a successful craft business.

You will find information about all aspects of running a craft business. This includes tips and advice for successfully selling your crafts at craft fairs, information  about selling crafts online via your own website or online handmade marketplace such as an Etsy store, details regarding the legal aspects of running a home based business and being self employed, ideas for crafts to sell and more!

Running a successful craft business is a dream shared by many - it can also be hard work. We hope that by collecting and sharing the information that you require, Make For Business will help you achieve your dreams.

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Etsy Launching New Market Research Tool for Sellers

A discussion in Etsy's forums by Nicky Skarstad from the Sellers Ecomomics team heralds the roll out of a new Market Research Tool.

The tool allows sellers to see how the prices of listings on Etsy are distributed highlighting the tags that appear in each price range.

The tool is only available to logged in sellers and when they conduct a search, they will see an option to click on 'Research view' to display the new feature. It is anticipated that the new tool will help sellers to better understand the sector of the marketplace that they are selling in and price and tag their listings more effectively.

5:55 UTC, Thursday, 18 October, 2012

Etsy Introduces Listing Variations

Etsy's changes aren't always universally warmly welcomed by their community, but I'd imagine that the announcement of the introduction of Listing Variations will be seen as a positive move by buyers and sellers alike.

This move is designed to make it quicker and easier to add product listings that have cusomizable options, such as selecting size color. There will be preset options to choose from, but sellers will also be able to add their own specific variation attributes.

Sellers will be able to add up to two variation types for each product and this new feature should make it quicker for sellers to list items and also reduce the need for buyers to turn to convos to arrange their specific requirements.

15:00 UTC, Tuesday, 16 October, 2012

Fox Business Highlight Kabbage

Fox Small Business Center have a piece that highlights the online business funding service Kabbage.

This isn't a very extensive look at the fundinng provider, however if you're not heard about Kabbage, this does offer a very brief insight into what the business can offer.

The aim of Kabbage is to make it as straight forward as possible for small business owners to gain access to new funding without the complexity and paperwork of seeking a loan from the bank. Online applications may receive approval within minutes.

13:55 UTC, Friday, 12 October, 2012

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Pinterest for MadeIt Sellers

MadeIt is an Australian based handmade products marketplace and this article looks at offering advice to those selling on MadeIt on how to make effective use of Pinterest. Advice is broken into clear bullet points and the tips here will also be of interest to craft business owners who sell their products through other online handmade marketplaces.


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