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Etsy Launching New Market Research Tool for Sellers

A discussion in Etsy's forums by Nicky Skarstad from the Sellers Ecomomics team heralds the roll out of a new Market Research Tool.

The tool allows sellers to see how the prices of listings on Etsy are distributed highlighting the tags that appear in each price range.

The tool is only available to logged in sellers and when they conduct a search, they will see an option to click on 'Research view' to display the new feature. It is anticipated that the new tool will help sellers to better understand the sector of the marketplace that they are selling in and price and tag their listings more effectively.

5:55 UTC, Thursday, 18 October, 2012

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Etsy Introduces Listing Variations

Etsy's changes aren't always universally warmly welcomed by their community, but I'd imagine that the announcement of the introduction of Listing Variations will be seen as a positive move by buyers and sellers alike.

This move is designed to make it quicker and easier to add product listings that have cusomizable options, such as selecting size color. There will be preset options to choose from, but sellers will also be able to add their own specific variation attributes.

Sellers will be able to add up to two variation types for each product and this new feature should make it quicker for sellers to list items and also reduce the need for buyers to turn to convos to arrange their specific requirements.

15:00 UTC, Tuesday, 16 October, 2012

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Fox Business Highlight Kabbage

Fox Small Business Center have a piece that highlights the online business funding service Kabbage.

This isn't a very extensive look at the fundinng provider, however if you're not heard about Kabbage, this does offer a very brief insight into what the business can offer.

The aim of Kabbage is to make it as straight forward as possible for small business owners to gain access to new funding without the complexity and paperwork of seeking a loan from the bank. Online applications may receive approval within minutes.

13:55 UTC, Friday, 12 October, 2012

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Etsy Launches Browse Pages

Etsy have announced the launch of a new way for buyers to find items on the site with the introduction of Browse Pages.

These will now have a higher priority over the use of categories which Etsy claim are an inefficient way to navigate the site. Apparently just 6% of of visits that result in a purchase have included viewing a category.

This moves follows on from the move to introduce a Weddings section earlier this year and a similar approach will now be applied to other themes, including Art, Home & Living, Jewelry, Women, Men, Kids, Weddings, Vintage and Supplies.

15:08 UTC, Thursday, 11 October, 2012

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Etsy Goes Pro

Wired have published an interesting analysis of Etsy's problems with adapting to a changing seller base whose success has led to some outgrowing the site under the the original set of rules for shop owners.

While the Etsy ethos at launch was to to empower craft business owners to sell their handmade products to a global audience, as many sellers have become so successful and needed to expand to meet demand, Etsy have had to bend and adapt to accommodate these new business models.

This piece demonstrates that this is an ongoing process and one that doesn't offer an easy solution with Etsy's Chad Dickerson freely admitting the difficulty they have with finding the right policy language.

If you have any interest in Etsy, this is well worth a read to get an idea of where the site is trying to get to and how they may achieve this. Don't forget the comments at the bottom of the article either.

6:07 UTC, Wednesday, 10 October, 2012

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Etsy Pushing for Growth in the UK

As part of Etsy's continuing push to increase its growth in international markets, The Next Web reports on the arrival of Nicole Vanderbilt, Etsy's Country Manager, in the UK to talk to crafts business people.

Previously, Etsy's UK staff has numbered just two or three people, but this is set to increase as the company seek to engage more strongly with the UK audience.

With estimates that the UK's craft market is worth some $5 billion, it's understandable why Etsy should be keen to have more than just a foot in the door in the UK.

15:24 UTC, Sunday, 7 October, 2012

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TaskRabbit for Etsy Launched

Currently this announcement of a new service portal may be of most interest to Etsy sellers in ten US cities, but TaskRabbit for Etsy is a new service designed to help Etsy sellers find people to help them with all aspects of running their Etsy shop.

TaskRabbit is an online service that helps to connect freelance workers with specific skillsets with people who have jobs and tasks to be carried out. TaskRabbit for Etsy has cleverly broken down the wide range of tasks that Etsy sellers regularly undertake, making it very quick and easy to post a task request.

While the service is currently running in a limited number of US cities, it can still be used by sellers from other locations for tasks that can be carried out remotely.

6:26 UTC, Sunday, 7 October, 2012

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Etsy Updates Search Ads

A year after introducing search ads, Etsy have announced some updates to the system and released some figures on the performance over the last 12 months.

145,000 Etsy sellers have used search ads and have generated sales of $12 million, plus 3.6 million favorites.

Some of the updates include the introduction of holiday keywords to make it easier to target buyers looking for seasonal gifts and support for English language listings, regardless of the sellers location and main language.

14:58 UTC, Thursday, 4 October, 2012

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Esty Seller Protection Announced

Etsy have announced the launch of their new Seller Protection scheme that is designed to offer buyers and sellers greater confidence with their transactions.

The new system won't apply to every transaction, but for those that are covered Etsy will guarantee the purchase price and shipping costs up to $1,000 in the event of a dispute or fraud.

The scheme also provides a path for dispute resolution that will see specially trained Etsy staff looking into cases, with complaints required to be lodged within 45 days of the scheduled ship date.

14:05 UTC, Friday, 28 September, 2012

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Etsy Commits to Google Shopping

Following on from the recent announcement that Google would be making Google Shopping a paid for platform only, Etsy have announced that they're investing $250k to keep Etsy Shop products listed in Google's Shopping results.

Etsy still see Google Shopping as a good way to connect to buyers who are not familiar with the global handmade market place and so will be paying for products from all Etsy shops to be included in the results. This will obviously be good news for Etsy shop owners in the run up to the holiday season.

There is, however, one caveat in that only US shops will be included when the program kicks off at the start of October, due to Google's country specific settings. This will however be under review as things change with the Google Shopping platform.

13:30 UTC, Wednesday, 26 September, 2012

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